2015 Demo Day Startups

Check out the startups from our inaugural demo day on 12/5!

The startups presenting in our Fall 2016 Demo Day will be announced shortly.

Columbia University Almaworks



Behold.ai is a deep learning API for computer vision that makes it easy for developers to build applications that recognize objects. It was developed to enable the community of developers to crowdsource their images and tags to enable large scale visual recognition. In particular, we focus on image classification because this task is the common denominator for many other computer vision tasks. Visit behold.ai or contact Jeet at jeet@behold.ai to learn more.


Blue Moon Box

Blue Moon Box is a science kit subscription service for kids that delivers interactive science experiments to your door every month. We create an immersive, hands-on experience by providing all the materials and guidelines kids need to complete each experiment. Visit bluemoonbox.com to learn more or contact Sara at sara@bluemoonbox.com to learn more.



Draftpot is bringing daily fantasy sports to every fan by eliminating the salary cap, offering more sports than its competitors, and venturing into new markets.  Founded in Columbia University dorm rooms in January 2015, Draftpot has since grown to over 21k users, processed over 615k paid entries, collected over $4.5M in entry fees, and raised over $2.2M from investors. Visit draftpot.com or contact Joey at joey@draftpot.com to learn more.



Edu.chat is a messaging application built for students and faculty to collaborate and communicate through their classes, campus groups, and labs. The web-based platform is currently being tested by 1000+ users, and mobile applications are in development. Visit edu.chat or contact Ross at ross@urlinq.com to learn more.



FINDMINE is technology for retailers that dynamically "completes the look" around any product to increase basket sizes and solve a $100B problem for retailers. Unlike recommendation engines that simply show what other shoppers bought,FINDMINE's propriety machine learning approach actually understands relationships between products, to pull together everything from complete fashion outfits to the right peripherals that fit a specific baby stroller. Visit findmine.us or contact Michelle at michelle@findmine.us to learn more.



CareTeam is bringing healthcare into the 21st century. Their mobile application is a collaboration tool for healthcare providers. Chatrooms are generated around each patient a provider has. While inside the chatroom a provider can search data and view interactive lab visualizations with members of their team. Visit careteam.chat or contact Ryan at ryan@careteam.chat to learn more.



Riley is a personal assistant for real estate professional's. Riley enables agents to replace their cell phone number with their own unique Riley number. This number is complemented by 24/7 concierge service that does the initial Q&A on the agents behalf, and a CRM to manage the leads once Riley finishes the initial conversation. Learn more at getrileynow.com or contact Daniel at daniel@getrileynow.com to learn more.



Hundreds of college students go hungry, and yet thousands of meal swipes go unused every semester. Swipes is a platform used by Columbia students to efficiently share with each other to address this issue. However, this is not a Columbia-exclusive problem, and schools nationwide are expressing their need for Swipes. Learn more at getswipes.com or contact us at info@getswipes.com to learn more.



Visit.org is a technology platform for curated travel experiences offered by nonprofits and community-based tourism projects around the globe. Travelers use VISIT.ORG to add a half to multi day immersive experience to their itinerary, and revenues are channeled back to the community through the host organization. Based in NYC and founded in 2015, we are currently servicing 140 nonprofits and have facilitated over 500 bookings. Learn more at visit.org or contact Michal at michal.alter@visit.org to learn more.



Wheeli is a hitchhiking app for college students. We’ve made hitchhiking safe, smart, and cool. Wheeli connects students with cars and student passengers looking for a ride. Students split driving costs, make new friends and reduce their carbon footprint by filling empty car seats. Learn more at wheeli.us and contact Jean-Pierre at jp@wheeli.us.

Harvard Ventures VentureWorks



Luminopia is a Google Cardboard app that revolutionizes lazy eye treatment. Research has shown it is effective in both adults and children. Visit us at luminopia.org or contact Scott at scottxiao@college.harvard.edu to learn more.


Campus Doorman

Campus Doorman is the only service in Boston that offers the complete value chain to students.  With free pick-up, free storage, and free delivery, we are the most convenient way to shop for furniture. Visit campusdoorman.com or contact us at prispoli@mba2017.hbs.edu to learn more.



AgriCOOP is a platform that empowers farmers with resources to get their produce to consumers without dependence on channels of middlemen. Contact Caroline at carolinekimetto@college.harvard.edu to learn more.


Alulu Club

Alulu Club is an online marketplace for micro-breweries to directly sell their beer to end consumers. Visit aluluclub.com or contact Kunal at krai@mba2017.hbs.edu to learn more.



Improving the research process with a platform connecting researcher and subject more comprehensively and efficiently. Contact Jeffrey at jeffreychang@college.harvard.edu to learn more.


Care From M

Something wrong? Forget spending hours in waiting rooms or forever on hold. Tell M your symptoms and get advice. If you wish, M can arrange a visit with the doctor right for you ASAP. Visit carefromm.com or contact Sarah at Sarahzia@college.harvard.edu to learn more.

PennApps Accelerator



Drone-X is a tilt wing multi-engine fully autonomous drone and software platform focused on bringing technology to checking oil and gas pipelines. Contact Jon at jonmu@wharton.upenn.edu to learn more.



Quixaro is an online hub for student-student collaboration — a social network aimed at transforming the solitary process of high-school studying into an interactive experience. On Quixaro, students can see what their classmates are studying, study with them online, and share notes. Visit quixaro.com or contact Matthew at mstadler@wharton.upenn.edu to learn more.


Sliced Capital

Sliced Capital is a simple crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, which allows for investment in startups in exchange for equity. Visit sliced.capital or contact Rohan at rohan@sliced.capital to learn more.



PATOS is a high-quality shoe brand that connects Latin America’s skilled artisans with the world’s consumers with simple mobile solutions. Visit wearpatos.com or contact fernando@wearpatos.com to learn more.



Inertia is creating a wifi enabled micro-adhesive device that detects motion and sends the data to our public API. Through this system and device, it allow developers with little hardware experience to create their own applications that connect with a mobile device. There will be applications in security, healthcare, and habit-forming, among other uses. Contact Daniel at danielkwak7@gmail.com to learn more.



Payments are hard. Cheq is creating a seamless platform for consumers, merchants, to interact in simple, easy to use manner.  Cheq integrates QR codes with ads to supply attribution and ad performance metrics. “QR-based checkout as a service”. The company takes a simple fee for listing the QR code on an ad. Contact us at woldy@wharton.upenn.edu to learn more.

Princeton eLab



Scriblet is an inexpensive writing tablet aimed at replacing paper. Scriblet is a more affordable tablet with only the features necessary to provide a good writing experience, allowing many more students to write their notes, homework, etc. digitally. This would be particularly useful in the tutoring industry and could help eliminate geographic barriers to quality education. Contact John at jstogin@princeton.edu to learn more.



SpecialHaven is a one-stop shop for all special needs resources. It is a website which aggregates social and community content in order to help people stay up-to-date with current events in the special needs community. It gives parents of special needs children a supportive community where they can connect with one another, give and receive advice, and talk about the challenges of raising a special needs child. Visit specialhaven.com or contact Richard at richardchu@princeton.edu to learn more.



Jellifish is a user-friendly solution to task ordering that distills goals into step-by-step, on-screen instructions. After a successful debut at HackPrinceton 2016 as a walkthrough tool for cooking off recipes, the Jellifish team has diversified its efforts to adapt the core optimization engine for usage beyond the home, particularly in medical triage and retail dining establishments. A proof-of-concept demo can be found at app.jelli.fish. Contact Yuan at yuanw@princeton.edu to learn more.


The Releaf Group

The Releaf Group provides consulting services to startups and independently-owned businesses in throughout Africa with the goal of honing entrepreneurial talent for a more economically developed continent. Visit releafgroup.com or contact Emmanuel at eudotong@princeton.edu to learn more.



Reebeez is commercializing a breakthrough lightweight solid-state microengine that revolutionizes power propulsion systems in small unmanned aerial vehicles and provide flight times and payloads for drones unrivaled by batteries and fuel cells. Reebeez’s technology runs on butane and attains a specific energy 8 times better than LiPo batteries, allowing drones to increase their flight times by a factor of 6. Visit us at reebeez.com and contact Ankita at aghoshal@exchange.Princeton.edu to learn more.


Hello, Seekho

“Hello, Seekho” provides free audio English education through the vast reach of basic mobile phones in India to supplement government school education. We provide free audio education over mobile phones. Our English curriculum consists of 65 audio lessons split across six levels. The service is completely free for its users, and the toll-free number can be called 24/7 from any location across India. Visit us at helloseekho.com or contact Kasturi at kasturis@princeton.edu to learn more.